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    Joyeux anniversaire Madsame !

  • Chat room always killed me, Boo u are killer :D

  • merci pour l ajout

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  • thanks for the add, it's a kind of you...

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      its ok .. yeah

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    French painter, sculptor, writer, through my art and my writings I share my knowledge of the secrets of existence, life and death, to access the Liberation of duality. I wrote my autobiography, "Passage to the Other Shore," like a novel. It begins with the life of a teenager uneducated, ignorant for refusing school at an early age, then living in a quoted working to a small French town. Rebellious, delinquent, Trappist monk, a hermit in a cave in Anjou, he will live many metamorphoses through death and rebirth successive :


    My motto:
    Do not be a slave of feelings, moods, impulses, as any circumstance of life. Liberation from ignorance.

    Enz ELDEN

    Email/MSN : enz.elden@live.fr
    Skype : enz.elden
    Email : enz.elden@gmail.com
    Email : enzhilde@yahoo.co.uk
    My creations : http://enzart.webs.com
    Presentation : http://enz.artmushin.free.fr
    My books : http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Enz_ELDEN
    Friends :
    I invite you to create your free profile on this site and invite me as a friend :

  • Thank you for accepting this invitation

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      ur welcome

  • hello

  • très bonne année harmonieuse maco

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      Happy new years too for you

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    happy new year

  • slt cc cv bon annee

  • Much People Thinking, im a DJ. but im not ;)

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    plus 5 biss

  • Thanks for accepting my friendship! Xxx

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      Your Welcome sist. Salamualikum

  • thinx

  • Thank you for your add

  • New Life, dont look back again, everyday with my love, its you ;) 22-10-2012

  • Iam Back????

    Thanks God :)

  • Voulez-vous expliquer tout cela, je suis désolé pour toutes les erreurs. longtemps avant que je me suis endormi dans le cercueil de la mort. Je sais que vous n'allez pas à m'accepter à nouveau. mais prosternez-vous s'il vous plaît, excusez-moi sortir.

  • hai.....apa kabar...??